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Date: October 28-29, 2024


In an era where leadership is more than a title, it's a responsibility, the EDGE Leadership Summit stands as a beacon for those who dare to lead in times of chaos and uncertainty. This is not just an event; it's a call to arms for the elite, the visionaries, the game-changers.




“Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times. Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.”

- G. Michael Hopf

Right now, we are facing hard times created by weak men.

The crisis: a freefall in the markets, rapid inflation, the outright destruction of hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, an oncoming recession, market changes that are going to transform the way we do business for the next generation…

…The rumbling thunder in the distance that announces the coming STORM.

If you ignore this storm, you might as well burn what you’ve built to the ground yourself.

MOST entrepreneurs are going to throw in the towel. They are going to play the victim card.

Only a few will take full advantage of the abundant opportunities this storm will unearth to become even GREATER, wealthier, stronger, more passionate and filled with life and PURPOSE than ever before.

Only a few men will find their EDGE.

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In moments of CRISIS men do THREE THINGS

  • #1: Isolation

  • ​#2: Waiting

  • ​#3 Pride

Most men will run through three patterns when they face a CRISIS


First, they will hide 

They will hide from the truth, they will hide from the challenge, they will hide from their responsibilities.


Then, they will lie

They will lie to themselves about how bad the problems are, they will lie to others about how hard things really are. 

They will say “everything is going to be OK.”

When it’s only going to get worse. 

They will choose to believe the pain is only temporary.


Eventually, they will sedate

They will start to numb their uncertainty and their pain with alcohol, pornography, and other addictive patterns.

I know this because I’ve lived it.

My name is Raul Villacis

During the 2008 crisis, I watched as my portfolio, worth millions, little by little was eaten away by market forces beyond my control.

Just like, right now you are probably watching your portfolio diminish in the marketplace.

I thought I could weather the storm and escape unscathed on the other side by continuing to do the same thing I’d always done expecting different results.

This is the definition of insanity.

I refused to ask for help, I refused to innovate, I refused to work on myself. So I began to hide my fear and uncertainty and I pretended everything was fine.

When that didn’t work, I lied to myself – and I lied to everyone around me that everything was O.K.

Eventually it affected my marriage, my health, and my relationship with my family.

That’s when I began to sedate. With alcohol, with porn, with addictions.

This negative spiral began to eat away who I was, all of my greatness, all of my edge.

Then I found the light in my dark tunnel

At my lowest point I decided to tell the TRUTH and be REAL with my wife.

I was ready for her to leave me….
I told her that I had FAILED!

I lost millions of dollars and I couldn’t pay for the mortgage of our home.

She looked at me and told that she would live under a bridge if we had to but she knew it wasn’t going to be forever.

That gave me the FIRE I needed and failure was not an option.

I started to develop myself, to improve myself.

I discovered a deep hunger to find those hidden opportunities behind the chaos and wreckage of the economy and the failures all around me.

I began to rebuild my business, my marriage, and my life – because I was willing to put in the work. Many of my peers were not so lucky.

Ignoring the thunder won’t make this storm go away

I saw divorce, I saw men lose everything, I saw good men fall into addictive patterns that took away a decade of their lives.

Crisis exposes weaknesses and insecurities that have been covered up by good times.

Unless you dive deep into inner work, you will always depend on the outer world to tell you who you are. 

You will let the world tell you that you are weak, instead of knowing you are strong.

The good news is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE

If you have read this far, you know the storm is coming. You also know that YOU need help to overcome the hard times on the horizon.

I have made it my mission to help men like you develop the right mindset to find CERTAINTY in the middle of CHAOS, and I have helped thousands before you discover their EDGE so they can be more FOCUSED and DISCIPLINED to overcome ADVERSITY.




No man is an island. Who you surround yourself with is the key to creating the life you want. If you surround yourself with other victims, you will be a victim. 

Surround yourself with men that are on a mission to find GREATNESS and you will see that the EDGE is contagious.



The power of accountability is what makes a difference between motivation and discipline.

If you’re only accountable to yourself, you’ll never reach your full potential. You’ll never push yourself beyond your limits. You have to be accountable to someone you respect – someone who will never pull any punches, someone you can trust to see your blind spots.

Men need motivation because they lack accountability.


 Action Plan

Most men complicate their lives because they want everything to be perfect: a perfect business plan, the perfect marriage, the perfect scenario to take advantage of an opportunity.

But perfection is an illusion.

Instead, you need a simple action plan so you can adapt, adjust, and execute on a daily basis. 

That’s the only way you will grow and expand.

This is exactly what you’re going to get at the EDGE Leadership Summit.

We help men find their EDGE, sharpen their EDGE, and unlock the code to their EDGE so they can make a BIGGER IMPACT.

The EDGE is the ENERGY of DETERMINATION of being GUIDED to EXECUTE at a higher level.

Never settling for less than the best, always driving for the next level, pushing yourself beyond your limitations.

If you have NEVER felt this way, then we can’t help you. We can’t give you something you never had. The EDGE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT is not a magic pill.

The reason it works is that we know the blueprint used by all high achievers, and we help you discover your code to the edge.

You’ll discover an association of business men just like you that want to challenge themselves, hold each other accountable, and weather the storm with ACTION to become stronger.

I want you to rediscover your EDGE… Find the opportunities in this crisis, and emerge stronger than ever before.

Stories of men who have found their EDGE:

Now You Must Make Your Choice

In this market, there are going to be a tremendous number of opportunities.

But only for those who have the right mindset, the right associations, and the right skills… In other words, STRONG men who have what it takes to take advantage of those opportunities.

There will be a shakeup.

The only question is, will you become a VICTIM of your CIRCUMSTANCES or a CREATOR of your DESTINY?

If that’s what you want, you need to get off of the sidelines. You need to stop “hoping” things are going to change, and choose to find your EDGE.

Place yourself in association with other men who are finding the edge, get a coach who’s going to hold you accountable, and create a simple action plan so you can perform at a higher level.

Let’s get started.


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